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An ‘environment’ is considered to be all the computing resources required to provide a given system. For an Agresso system, an environment consists of:

  • A Database Management Server (DBMS) (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server)
  • An Agresso database hosted on the DBMS
  • An Agresso Business World (ABW) Server installation
  • An Agresso …
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Tiered Environments

Date Series Part 4 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

Environments are considered to exist within ‘tiers.’ The tier to which a given environment belongs defines the function that it is intended to perform. A typical set of tiers is:

  • Development - Allows an individual developer or a small team to work on a single development in isolation from other environments …
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Releases and Cloning

Date Series Part 5 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

A ‘release’ is a process by which a change is promoted between tiers (e.g. from Staging to Production or Development to Staging).

A release package consists of a set of instructions to affect a change from a given system state. It might consist of a scripts or executables to …

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Actors and Roles

Date Series Part 6 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

Anyone working on a given environment is considered to be an ‘actor’ performing a defined ‘role.’ A typical set of roles is:

  • Owner – determines the policy and process by which anyone else is assigned any other role
  • Architect – defines the hardware and software platforms on which the environment is created …
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Source Code and Version Control

Date Series Part 7 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

‘Source Code’ is considered to be machine interpretable instructions to affect a change within the system or to provide the definition of some element within that system.

In the context of a tiered Agresso implementation, the following would all be considered as source code:

  • SQL Script to define and create …
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Date Series Part 8 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

In the following scenarios, we assume the existence of a production environment and one staging environment (stg1) on separate hardware.

The purpose of these scenarios is simply to demonstrate how the principles described above might be applied to real situations.

Scenario 1

A new requirement has been defined for additional …

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Oracle Update Statements

There are several methods in Oracle SQL to update records in one table based on the content of another table.

Here, I give some of those methods and some guidance on where they might be most appropriate.

The Basics

Oracle uses a 'correlated subquery' syntax which looks like this:

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PGP Signatures on Email

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You're probably here because you've received an email from me with an attachment called 'signature.asc' or with lines at the top similar to:

Hash: SHA512

and a section at the bottom which looks something like:

Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (MingW32)
iEYEARECAAYFAkmr2UAACgkQmnCt8c1NQ98pcACdEpZpqJYifkH0NvE6krEjzA9T …
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