Date Series Part 4 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

Environments are considered to exist within ‘tiers.’ The tier to which a given environment belongs defines the function that it is intended to perform. A typical set of tiers is:

  • Development - Allows an individual developer or a small team to work on a single development in isolation from other environments
  • Integration - Allows multiple developments to be combined for joint regression testing
  • Staging - Simulates the production environment to allow end user testing, training or QA testing of a release process
  • Production - The live system

At any given time, there may be one, several or no environments within the first three tiers, depending on the nature of work in hand at that time.

For example, where a large training programme is under way at the same time as a minor piece of development work, it is likely that there would be two environments within the staging tier, one in development and no integration environment at all.


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