Date Series Part 7 of Agresso Management Tags ERP / Agresso

‘Source Code’ is considered to be machine interpretable instructions to affect a change within the system or to provide the definition of some element within that system.

In the context of a tiered Agresso implementation, the following would all be considered as source code:

  • SQL Script to define and create a balance table
  • An XML file to define an Agresso Report Creator (ARC) report
  • A spreadsheet file which defines an Excelerator report
  • A script to drop and replace a database view and to place a new version of an Agresso Report Writer (ARW) file in the correct location as part of a release package

‘Version Control’ is a process to manage changes to source code. Typical version control systems allow developers to:

  • Share their work for review and comment
  • Retain the history of all changes and to revert to previous versions if required
  • Link the changes they make to requirements definitions within a requirements management tool

Well known version control systems include:

  • Subversion (
  • Git (


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